Moderators & External Examiners

This section provides resources for the University's Moderators and External Examiners for the current academic session (2021/22).

Moderators and External Examiners are asked to read their relevant handbook carefully and note the guidelines on their roles and duties. Moderators and External Examiners also need to note the instructions for submitting completed reports and claims to the University.

Please use the links below to access the relevant handbook and report pro forma. If you experience difficulties opening any of the documents, please contact the Academic Unit.

The University's full Taught Degrees Handbook can be viewed here
The University's assessment procedure can be viewed here.

Moderator Handbook
Moderator's Report Pro Forma  (Pdf)
Moderator's Report Pro Forma (Word)

External Examiners
External Examiner Handbook

External Examiner's Report Pro Forma  (Pdf)
External Examiner's Report Pro Forma (Word)

External Examiners - Research Awards
External Examiners will have received a hard copy of the relevant report form, along with a copy of the thesis.
Report forms can be downloaded here - please ensure that you download the correct form.