Unfair Practice Procedure

Any student enrolled on a validated programme leading to an award of the University of Wales is subject to the University's Unfair Practice Procedure.

Unfair Practice can be defined as an offence whereby a student gains an unpermitted advantage in an assessment or examination. Most commonly Unfair Practice occurs in the form of cheating in an examination, copying from another source (perhaps a book or website) or by copying from a fellow student.

The Unfair Practice Procedure explains how an allegation of unfair practice should be investigated by a Collaborative Centre and what rights the student has in the process.

Having a procedure in place ensures that all cases are handled fairly and that students have the right to appeal to the University if they feel unhappy with the way an allegation had been handled by their Collaborative Centre.

Collaborative Centres must follow the University of Wales Unfair Practice procedure if any case of unfair practice is suspected and should ensure that all staff and students are aware of the process.

The National Union for Students (NUS) has recently produced a Charter on Institutional Complaints and Appeals Procedures.

All collaborative centres have access to Turnitin software which can assist with the detection of plagiarism.

Students may find information on avoiding plagiarism in Study Skills.