Details of External Examiners

As the degree awarding authority, the University is responsible for the academic standards of the awards which are offered within Collaborative Centres.

External examining is one of the means that the University uses to assess academic standards, and is an essential part of the University's quality assurance mechanism. The University appoints suitably qualified and experienced individuals from the Higher Educations sector to all programmes at the University’s Collaborative Centres. External examiners are entirely independent of the Collaborative Centre to which they are appointed, and provide written reports for the University, which are used by the University as a means for assessing the academic standards at the Collaborative Centre. They are also able to offer an informed view of how standards compare with the same or similar awards at other higher education institutions of which they have experience.

The University appoints a significant number of external examiners. Should you wish to receive details of the external examiner for your programme of study, a request can be made to the University via The University will be able to provide you with the name, position and the name of the home institution of your external examiner, but no further information will be disclosed.

Please note that it is inappropriate for students to make, or attempt to make direct contact with external examiners. In particular, this would include contacting the external examiner about your individual performance in assessments. External examiners who receive any such contact are instructed to inform the University and will not be able to engage in discussion. If you wish to make an appeal or complaint, contact can be made with the University via Alternatively, general queries or requests for information should be directed to the Registry Helpdesk via