Student Registration

To register new or progressing students with the University of Wales, collaborative centres should send a Registration Transfer in the correct Excel format directly to (for guidance, please refer to the Instructions for Student Registration). This should be submitted ideally ten weeks before the start of study or commencement date of the new academic year. 

Collaborative centres should arrange for matriculation, undergraduate, credit transfer applications and all relevant supporting documents for every candidate to be sent to the University at the same time.  Supporting documents should include:

   - Certified copies of relevant degree/award certificates and
   - Appropriate evidence that the English language
 have been satisfied;
   - Evidence that the Home Office (formerly UKBA) requirements
      have been met for those candidates pursuing study in the UK. 

If sending via post please ensure a copy of the Registration Transfer is included in the correspondence. 

When a Registration Transfer has been successfully uploaded and processed, you will receive a confirmation email containing an Excel spreadsheet and confirmation report.  If students are being registered for the first time, the students’ University Student Numbers (USN) will be provided in the spreadsheet.  The collaborative centre must ensure that the correct USN is included in all correspondence with the University, including Registration and Exam Transfers.

Please be reminded that collaborative centres are required to submit an annual Registration Transfer containing all active students (new and progressing) for the duration of their studies.  This process ensures the students’ records remain active, and retains access to the University’s online resources which lapse periodically.  

Withdrawal of Students


Registrations must be informed if any students withdraw from their studies.  Collaborative centres will only be eligible to a refund of registration fees if the student withdraws within six weeks of the start of study or commencement date of the new academic year. 

If you have any queries in relation to the University of Wales registration procedure or regulations please contact Registrations.