The following set of resources are developed by the University of Wales and made available to its students and staff. Where appropriate, resources have been translated into Arabic, Chinese and Spanish.

Assessment Handbook

The following resources are designed for use by staff for the enhancement of approaches to assessment within programmes of study.

The handbook provides an overview of, inter alia:
  • Assessment strategies
  • Assessment methods
  • Setting appropriate assessment levels
  • Developing appropriate assessment criteria
  • Approaches to marking
  • Management of plagiarism
  • Supporting students with specific learning disabilities.

This is a key resource for all staff involved in assessment on University of Wales programmes.

Assessment Handbook
كتيب تقويم منح الدرجات العلمية بنظام المقررات
Manual de evaluación de la actividad docente

Ethics Principles and Guidelines for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Level Study

The following resource will be of use for staff and students undertaking programmes of study which require consideration of ethical implications. This resource provides an overview of the expectations of the University in how collaborative centres should manage ethical matters within an academic environment, as well as suggested procedures which may be adopted by staff and students to maintain transparency of the process of considering ethical issues.

Ethical Principles and Guidelines Handbook

Generic Guidelines for University of Wales Validated Taught Postgraduate Programmes Part Two Dissertation

The following resource is available for all students and staff involved in Part II of a Level 7 programme (MA / MSc / MBA). As a generic resource, the document assists students in their understanding of what constitutes a dissertation on a University of Wales taught programme. This resource should be used in conjunction with the validated programme handbook, available through the collaborative centre.

Part two: Generic Guidelines
Segunda parte: Directrices generales 

AEIOU Sudent-Staff Handbook

The following resource is intended for use by Students and Staff at collaborative centres in order to enhance engagement. The handbook covers a variety of topics concerning:

  • Achievement - engaging with learning, teaching, and assessment
  • Engagement - Understanding how students and staff can engage to
     support each other.
  • Include - Understanding equality and diversity across an
  • Organise - Developing and supporting student societies.
  • Understand - Understanding UK higher education and the
     University of Wales.

This is a key resource for students and staff in supporting engagement and enhancement across institutions.  

AEIOU Student-Staff Handbook

Delivery Development Toolkit

The following resource is designed for use by staff to enhance pedagogical practices in delivering validated programmes overseas. The toolkit provides a range of texts, introductions to specific approaches, as well as reflective questions to engage staff in key questions concerning the delivery of UK programmes through collaborative provision.

The toolkit provides and overview of, inter alia:
  • Higher Education in the UK
  • Student Perceptions, Perspectives, and Expectations
  • Analysis of Approaches to Teaching
  • The Student Centred Classroom
  • Rethinking Module Delivery
  • Approaches to Learning 
  • Embedding Employability
  • Using Research in Teaching
  • Continual Professional Development.

This is a key resource for all teaching staff delivering University of Wales programmes.

Delivery Development Toolkit