Research Degrees

The University of Wales has in place regulations and codes of practice to govern the delivery and management of research programmes leading to an award of the University (MPhil, PhD and Professional Doctorates) in Collaborative Centres. The Degrees and Academic Awards Board of the University has responsibility for ensuring the academic standards of the awards are maintained by all institutions and centres delivering University of Wales’ degrees.

We are currently in the process of developing bi-lingual web pages that will enable all the regulations and operational documents to be accessed easily and conveniently in one place.

In the meantime, all enquiries relating to the regulations, codes of practice and general management and delivery of University of Wales’ research awards in Collaborative Centres should be made to the Head of Research, Enterprise and Innovation, Dr Neil Strevett -

Any enquiries relating to the work of the Degrees and Academic Awards Board should be made to the Secretary to the Board, Mrs Lucy Stonehouse - 

Current Academic Regulations and Code of Practice