Avoiding plagiarism

why is plagiarism a problem? 

Plagiarism is viewed as an attempt to gain unfair advantage over other students and instances where plagiarism is detected are dealt with severely in the academic community.

Any student registered on a University of Wales validated course is subject to the University's . The Procedure sets out the University of Wales's policy on plagiarism and students should familiarise themselves with the document to avoid plagiarism and other forms of unfair practice.    

The huge proliferation of free resources available on the web means that it is now easier for students to plagiarise. It is, however, easier to detect because it is easier to search for information digitally.

Plagiarism detection software such as Turnitin can check submitted work for incorrectly referenced or misappropriated material.

All institutions validated by the University of Wales have access to Turnitin. Please refer to your institution if you want to know more about how your institution uses Turnitin.  

Some students plagiarise because of a lack of web searching skills or because of time constraints.

Learning how to effectively search the web and where to find reliable web resources should save you time when searching for material to help your studies. Intute’s Internet Detective tutorial is a good place to start when learning about how to search for and evaluate web resources.