University of Wales Student Charter

Posted on 3 September 2012
Student Charter

Universities can be complicated places to understand, especially for students. Therefore, as part of a funding council initiative, the University of Wales now has a Student Charter. The student engagement team have worked on this with student representatives from across the University to ensure that it covers the areas which students are most involved in.

A Student Charter is a single document that compiles all of the expectations the students have of the University, and what is expected of a student by the University. It's a joint understanding that is developed and reviewed annually with students to ensure it remains relevant.

The document is available prominently on the University of Wales website and runs for a little over 2 pages; including a number of useful web links for students.

During the process, students identified important areas which they wanted to be included in the Charter. For example, students were very keen on having a clear understanding of not just when they would get marks back on work, but also noted that it was worthwhile that the feedback they received was detailed and constructive. Realising that this was obviously an important issue for students, and using their views as guidance, this was one of many aspects we included in the Charter.

The Student Charter is a key aspect of the involvement students have in the University's quality management system which includes students being members of University committees. The student engagement team are looking forward to students reviewing and amending the document to ensure that it becomes a 'living document' in the coming year.

For more information about the Student Charter, please visit the website –

Ben Gray
Student Engagement Manager


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