Report: Moderators Induction Event

Posted on 5 November 2012

As part of the University’s commitment to facilitate continual development across all of our Collaborative Centres during the exit phase, and to ensure that quality and standards are maintained, an induction event for new and continuing Moderators was held at the Parc Thistle Hotel in Cardiff on 3rd and 4th October 2012. The event primarily focussed on the University’s revised Academic Regulations, together with newly developed Moderator handbooks, as well as giving Moderators and staff a chance to participate in workshops and to share experiences and good practice.

A very enjoyable and informative event – good to meet the experienced ‘mentors’ as well as the new recruits."

The event was well attended and feedback from delegates has been positive and constructive. Moderators appeared to value the opportunity to meet with both fellow Moderators and University of Wales staff, to discuss the new developments and changes to procedures.

The event was extremely informative and helpful, particularly for new Moderators. The personal contact with Moderators, Academics and the Registry was important - information exchange was useful."

We plan to run a second event this term for those who could not attend in October, details of which will be made available on the website shortly, as well as a one day follow up event for all Moderators in early 2013.

If you have any queries relating to the upcoming induction events in the meantime, please feel free to contact


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