The Visual Culture of Wales

Picture: ‘Porth, Y Rhondda’ by Denys Short, 1960. All rights reserved.

The Visual Culture of Wales Research Project was established at the Centre in 1994, with the intention of researching, writing and publishing a three-volume history of the visual culture of Wales from the Celtic Christian period to the mid-twentieth century.

No such comprehensive survey of the subject had previously been attempted. The project was led by the art historian Peter Lord, assisted by a team of research assistants working on various aspects of the study.

The first volume of the work, The Visual Culture of Wales : Industrial Society , was published in 1998, followed by The Visual Culture of Wales : Imaging the Nation in 2000 and The Visual Culture of Wales : Medieval Vision in 2003, all in English and Welsh versions. Electronic versions in CD-ROM format have also been published.

The second CD-ROM, The Visual Culture of Wales: Imaging the Nation , was awarded the Besterman/McColvin medal for an outstanding work of reference in the electronic category in the United Kingdom in 2002.