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The Visual Culture of Wales: Medieval Vision

Front cover of 'The Visual Culture of Wales: Medieval Vision'

Peter Lord
Published   2003
ISBN 0-7083-1801-0
Publisher  Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru / University of Wales Press
Price £30.00
Size 240 x 290mm
Format Clawr caled/Hardback, 288tt./pp., 500 llun lliw/colour illustrations

The third and final volume of the highly acclaimed Visual Culture of Wales series focuses on the period extending from the collapse of Roman government in the fifth century to the Renaissance of the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. The text demonstrates how both economic forces and social, political and religious ideas generated images through changing patterns of patronage and practice. At the centre of the volume is a thematic section describing how the cycles of the life of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the Saints provided a framework for everyday life throughout the Middle Ages. 
Over 500 images and artefacts are reproduced in full colour, most of them for the first time. The many works located in churches throughout Wales are the subject of photographs commissioned for the volume from Charles and Patricia Aithie.  
The volume reveals a startling richness of imagery surviving in Wales from the Middle Ages. While some workshops and craftspeople produced distinctive and occasionally idiosyncratic work, Welsh visual culture was fully integrated into the mainstream of European Christendom. Indeed, the volume reveals that Welsh patrons were at the forefront of avant-garde taste in the Northern Renaissance of the fifteenth century.  
The volume contains the following chapters:
  • Wales and the western cultures
  • Cultural reorientation
  • Princes and aristocrats
  • The Christian year
  • Piety and modern patronage

A Welsh version of this volume is also available.  

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