Series : Project 4 :The Visual Culture of Wales Project - CD-ROM series

The Visual Culture of Wales: Industrial Society (CD-ROM)

Jewel case design for 'The Visual Culture of Wales: Industrial Society' (CD-ROM)

Peter Lord
Published   2000
ISBN 0-7083-1652-2
Publisher  Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru / University of Wales Press
Price £30.00

Take a multimedia journey into the visual culture of Wales during its industrial age between 1750 and 1960. Investigate the relations between communities, image makers and images as Welsh society evolved from rural beginnings into a key worldwide supplier of coal, copper, slate, iron and steel.

This CD-ROM is a stunning addition to the series. It contains not only a full electronic version of the associated book but also:

  • 600 high-quality images in full detail on screen (many of them rediscovered or not otherwise on public view)
  • an extra 200 illustrations
  • quotations, interviews, archive sound, film clips and virtual panoramas
  • biographies of famous and lesser-known artists
  • glossary, bibliography, timeline, map

This is an essential companion for anyone interested in visual arts or the history of industrial Wales, and the starting point for understanding visual culture within the context of an industrial society.    

Minimum Specifications:  

Windows™ 95/98, Pentium 166, 64Mb RAM, 12x CD-ROM, mouse, 16-bit VGA colour (at least), sound card with loudspeakers or headphones, QuickTime™ 3 or 4 (available on the CD-ROM); PowerMac™ 7.6.1 or later, other requirements as above. (On a fast machine the program can be run directly from the CD-ROM; on a less powerful system 90Mb of free space will be required on the hard disc.)

A Welsh-language version of this CD-ROM is also available.

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