The Edward Lhwyd Correspondence Project


Following the tercentenary conference, our work on Edward Lhwyd continues with a new project on his correspondence which began in September 2009 with the appointment of Helen Watt as Editorial Assistant. Her work on Edward Lhwyd is part of the ‘Cultures of Knowledge’ project run by the University of Oxford and generously funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. An online calendar of the letters will demonstrate Lhwyd’s central position within the network of the seventeenth-century ‘Republic of Letters’. As work progresses, the number of extant letters continues to grow, now totalling over 2,100 and covering an amazingly wide range of scholarship and science. The project is supervised by Dr Brynley F. Roberts, the foremost authority on Lhwyd who made the original transcriptions of the letters which are to be published together with digital images and annotations.