Health & Safety

Health and Safety Policy

The University of Wales takes its responsibilities on Health and Safety seriously and there is a formal written policy to outline our obligations and strategies for ensuring a safe environment. This policy is reviewed on an annual basis and updated in line with best practice and to manage changing knowledge about health and safety issues.

Key principles are that we take all reasonable practical steps to promote and maintain a positive safety culture and high safety standards. This includes appropriate risk management, information, training and supervision.

We also recognise that effective health and safety management depends on commitment, co-operation and effort by us all. All staff , contractors and consultants have a duty to take care of their own health and safety, not to endanger others and to co-operate fully with the University’s health and safety arrangements.

To find out more about how the University’s Health and Safety Policy is structured, managed and implemented read the Health and Safety Policy.

•  University of Wales Health and Safety Policy
•  University of Wales Health and Safety Policy Statement