Frequently Asked Questions

Why wasn’t an Alumni Liaison Committee formed?   
Who made the decision to change Ordinance 28 (previously Ordinance 22)?
What is the role of the UW Alumni Office? 
Who is the Alumni Office accountable to? 
How will the UW Alumni Forum operate? 
What will the UW Alumni Forum do? 

Why wasn’t an Alumni Liaison Committee formed?
The original plan was to form a committee of the Graduates of the University in the manner envisaged in 2007 (i.e. similar to the former Guild of Graduates). 

However, having not received sufficient applications from the Graduates to meet all the criteria put in place to ensure due regard for equality of opportunity, gender balance, fresh input and a balanced range of age and study disciplines, the University reviewed the situation and looked more holistically at the most effective way of maintaining effective and two way communication with its Graduates. In doing this it became apparent that Ordinance 28 (previously Ordinance 22) was out of date in the following important respects: 

        1. It did not reflect the greatly expanded and much broader international
            base of the University of Wales Alumni community. The Alumni database
            comprises the names of tens of thousands of Graduates of the University
            located in over 30 countries around the world, which (given 2 below) could
            be represented by better means than a committee of eleven which met in
            the UK.

        2. It did not reflect the step-change in improvements in Internet services and
            social media communications since 2007 which have provided the means
            to engage a much broader range of Graduates of the University.

        3. In 2003/04 an institutional review of the University of Wales on the future
            and structure of the University (chaired by the then Pro-Chancellor, Lord
            Wigley of Caernarfon) proposed a restructuring which changed the
            relationships between the University and its (former) member institutions.
            This came into effect in 2007. In defining its future role, alongside all the
            other higher education institutions in Wales post 2007, the University had
            to take into account and respect each former constituent college’s
            individual and emerging alumni activities. Specifically, the University had
            to ensure that the arrangements it put in place did not cross or compete
            with similar structures within Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea

The University Council also agreed that bringing together a group of eleven Graduates to meet in the UK did not represent good use of and value from Alumni funds.

Who made the decision to change Ordinance 28 (previously Ordinance 22)?
This was the Council of the University of Wales.

The Ordinances are kept under regular review and can be changed by a resolution of Council, but only in a manner consistent with the Charter and Statutes of the University. Changes are typically made to keep up to date with standards of governance or to reflect changes in university structure.

The Charter defines the objects, powers, officers and statutory bodies of a university. It defines the university as a research and examining body and includes such fundamental powers as those of awarding degrees.

The Statutes prescribe details concerning the members of the University, officers of the University, the membership and functions of the governing bodies, conditions of service that apply to academic staff of the University and other miscellaneous provisions (such as the service of documents and contracts).

Council can only change the University’s Charter and Statutes with the agreement of The Privy Council and Welsh Government, and after a process of formal consultation.

What is the role of the UW Alumni Office?
Since the restructuring of the University that came into effect in October 2007, as a result of the review chaired by the then Pro-Chancellor, Lord Wigley of Caernarfon, the organisation of the graduates has been known as the University of Wales Alumni Association (UW Alumni Association) and its principal aims have been delivered through the University’s Alumni Office. Care has been taken to respect the new relationship the University has with its former constituent colleges and prevent crossover with their own alumni activities as agreed.

Alongside day to day administrative duties (such as managing Alumni services and funds, developing the web pages and creating the Alumni magazine), the Alumni Office is always trying to develop new links and initiatives, and it provides regular support for the branches and sections of the UW Alumni in the UK and overseas.

The Alumni Office is the main point of contact with the University for all Alumni and ensures regular communication and support is offered, acting as a contact point for the University for those who wish to raise a concern or make a proposal for the University’s consideration.

With the support of the UW Alumni Forum, the Alumni Office will be able to better understand the wants and needs of the Alumni community, and continue to deliver the aims of the Alumni Association.

Who is the Alumni Office accountable to?
Day to day the Alumni Office reports to the office of the Vice-Chancellor, but ultimately it is accountable to the Council of the University of Wales. As the supreme governing body, the Council has a duty to ensure that the requirements of the Charter, Statutes and Ordinances are met by the University - and that includes arrangements for the organisation of the Graduates of the University (i.e. the UW Alumni Forum).

How will the UW Alumni Forum operate?
The UW Alumni Forum will be a “virtual” community where communication is primarily by electronic means and through the use of social media. However, we want all Graduates to be able to participate in the forum, so if any individual does not have access to the internet, or otherwise prefers, then communications can be delivered via traditional means (i.e. by post).

The founder members of the UW Alumni Forum will comprise those Graduates who applied to be part of the Alumni Liaison Committee (under the exercise launched by the University in 2013), together with representatives from the existing Alumni Branches and Sections. The forum will have around 30 members initially, but there will be regular opportunities for Graduates to express an interest in joining the Forum.

We will endeavor to ensure that participation in the UW Alumni Forum is broad enough to reflect the greatly expanded and much broader international base of the alumni community, with regular dialogue with the Alumni Office.

Graduates will be expected to participate in the UW Alumni Forum in the best interests of the University and Graduates as a whole. Issues and requests of an individual nature should be directed to the University Alumni Office under normal procedures.

What will the UW Alumni Forum do?
Our initial thoughts are that participants will receive three regular communications a year, one each term, updating them generally on University business and events. This will be in addition to the annual Alumni Magazine which is sent out in July each year.

The University may, additionally, contact forum participants when there are issues on which their thoughts or advice is needed. For example, we may wish to seek advance views on information the University is putting together for Graduates (such as FAQs – frequently asked questions, or proposed arrangements for consulting Graduates on important issues), or to ask for help in gathering news stories for the Alumni Magazine. The University may also ask Alumni for advice and their views on the changes taking place and the transformation of the University as we proceed for merger.

Social media platforms will also be used with groups set up for participants to discuss matters.

This will evolve over time - we are open to suggestions from participants in the UW Alumni Forum.